Travel Blog: Ottawa, The Capital City

I’m writing from the common room of the Ottawa Backpackers Inn located minutes away from the ByWard Market. It is a tastefully decorated hostel that I thought would do for a 48-hour trip.

Every time I mentioned to somebody I planned on visiting Ottawa, I was told the same thing over and over: not much to do, you’ll get bored. Now that I’ve finally visited, I have to say: they were right. But. I still made the most out of my trip. Being this the Family Day long weekend, I decided to leave on Saturday morning and return on Monday night.

Ottawa Backpackers Inn

Yesterday I wandered around with my backpack (bad idea) until the evening to save time. I first went to a vegan/vegetarian restaurant called The Green Door, then got coffee at Happy Goat Coffee Co. on Main Street. Besides walking around and sightseeing, I didn’t do much.

Vegan buffet at The Green Door

Funny story: during our stop in Kingstone, I went to grab some last-minute food at the closest Tim Hortons and I hopped on the bus seconds before it left. Besides my phone and my money, which I brought with me to Timmy’s, I had all of my possessions on the Megabus, including my laptop.

Today, I mostly walked and tried some food recommendations by one of my favorite food vloggers on Instagram. After visiting the National Gallery of Canada (which is gorgeous, by the way), I got a burrito at Corazón De Maiz, then got a maple bacon donut at Maverick’s Donut Company, just in front of the Mexican restaurant. Then I took a bus to Wellington Village to get a Korean waffle at Sharpfle Waffle. On my way there, I also checked out The Spaniel’s Tale Bookstore which looked pretty cute.

Turkey & cheese waffle sandwich at Sharpfle Waffle

Bridgehead is one of the main coffee chains in the city, and I stopped at the closest location for around two hours to get some deserved rest from all that walking and a latte. Then I came back to the hostel.

National Gallery of Canada

Tomorrow I’m checking out this coffee shop called Oat Couture Oatmeal Cafe and maybe getting some poutine. My bus leaves at 3 p.m. but luckily the stop is close to the hostel, so I can take it easy.

I’ll be creating a reel with some videos from my trip so keep an eye out for that!

If you’ve visited Ottawa before, let me know what you think in the comments below!





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