52/52: Looking Ahead at 2023

*Takes a deep breath*

Hi 😊

At the end of 2021, I promised myself I would finally get my blog started after multiple failed attempts, and that I would do my best to publish one article per week.

I can finally say I fulfilled this promise. Welcome to my 52nd post of 2022.

It’s been an absolutely wild year, both on a professional and personal level: besides moving to Canada on my own, I found my first full-time job, that will also allow me to stay in the country (we’re still waiting for approval, though, so fingers crossed!). This alone has been a huge achievement for me, and I’m extremely proud of myself for making it this far. I am also grateful to everyone that helped me in the process (you know who you are!) because let’s be honest, we cannot always save ourselves.

Talking of personal achievements, I’ve added a few more countries to my list, namely Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Romania and, of course, Canada. I cannot wait to see where 2023 will bring me, although I already know my movements will be limited until I receive my second work permit. I still hope I’ll be able to explore as many places as I can, both in Canada and abroad.

But now, let’s get into some brand-new projects coming to Art Kills in 2023:

Art Kills New Logo and Branding

As you might have noticed by now, I have re-designed the blog logo (thank you Canva!) and I’m currently doing the same thing with the website’s outlook, though WordPress is and will remain a mystery to me for a long time.

This time round, I’m going for tones matching my favorite color: indigo! I would love to still use gradients whenever possible and stick to the same fonts for all of my Instagram posts, as opposed to using different colors and fonts with each graphic.

I’m also currently trying (keyword here) to redesign my website to make it look more like a magazine than a blog. This is why it’s going to look more like a construction site than a music magazine, but whatever.

Although I would like to center it more on music, I will still be sharing my thoughts on various topics that are dear to my heart, including my immigration experience here in Canada and more!

Art Kills on TikTok

Get ready to see my face more often, because I’m putting myself out there on TikTok! I think that, sadly, Instagram, well-designed posts and carousels are not enough anymore to build a social media following, so I’m finally trying my hand at short-form videos.

I’ve been putting this off for a while now since I’m not super conformable in front of the camera (and in my day-to-day life I’m not always camera-ready) but now it’s time to get uncomfortable and put a face to the business.

YouTube Channel

Fantano better watch his back because a new music critic is coming to town!

Okay, let’s be serious now. I think the best way to gain some notoriety and following is to release content that people want to consume, and YouTube videos are undeniably more popular than blog posts nowadays, kind of similar to my reasoning about TikTok.

My videos will most likely be based on my blog posts, but I’ll be rambling a bit more than I usually do (I can already tell you can’t wait).

Spotify Playlists

After over 10 years of loyalty to Deezer, I’ve finally switched to Spotify. Yes, you’ve heard that right!

After finding a way to move all of my playlists, I decided to subscribe to Spotify because it’s better supported on many different platforms and, in general, more people use it to share music, so I thought, why not?

I will be curating monthly and special playlists with the freshest sounds! Be on the lookout for that.

Guest Writers

You heard that right! In 2023, I’m planning on opening my blog to submissions from guest writers. Such contributions will be non-commital and voluntary, ranging from a variety of topics that can be of interest to the audience of Art Kills. I’m not sure if anyone would actually be interested in contributing, but I do not rule that option out.

So here you have it! I hope you’re looking forward to 2023 as much as I am. Finally, I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year full of extraordinary art! I’ll see you on the other side.

Signing off from Toronto, peace





One response to “52/52: Looking Ahead at 2023”

  1. jpgchief Avatar

    Congrats and the very best for 2023, you’re moving in the right direction 🤘🏼😎


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