A word about Lucy Loone’s new track, “Whole Milk”

I’ve already covered Lucy Loone’s new music in one of my most recent posts, but I feel there’s something more to say.

Whole Milk,” the leading single from Lucy Loone‘s upcoming debut album Eat It Up, does a great job at building anticipation for what Lucy herself has called the “ACT i” of her new artistic chapter. The track never actually resolves and, although it presents some intense moments, it feels like a climax that never reaches its full potential.

Before proceeding further, for those of you who have no idea of who that strange character called Lucy Loone is, here’s a quick recap for you. Lucy is a Califonia-based singer, rapper and artist who adopts a clown-ish aesthetic in all of her visual content (social media, music videos, album covers and so on).

After releasing a few tracks on Soundcloud that sound promising but not quite ripe yet, she dropped her mixtape Looney in 2019, becoming my favorite album of the year (yes, a mixtape). Her brilliant formula of catchy beats, layered vocals and gory lyrics is what did it for me and for many more music-obsessed lovers of everything creepy who certainly resonate with the artist’s aesthetic.

Since Looney, Lucy has dropped a few more projects like the EPs I Love Lucy, Red Christmas and Bring Me The Axe!, but none of them even remotely appeared as a full-length project. Until now.

On August 27th, she announced her long-awaited single “Whole Milk” from Eat It Up. And let me tell you, the result was worth the wait. The lyrics to the song revolve around, you guessed it, the metaphorical meaning of whole milk.

But wait, how can somebody write a song about… whole milk, of all things? you might ask. Believe me, I wondered the same, but Lucy somehow managed to pull it off. The point of the song is, she doesn’t need anyone else to complete her because she knows she’s already whole, though she feels a burning desire to be with somebody.

“Whole Milk” is really a weirdo’s love song, narrated by her hauntingly beautiful vocals in the background. The track is filled with strangely hypnotizing lines such as: “I count sheep on the farm, giving all my time to them / Imagine I was lucky enough to turn myself to one of them;” “I’m enough whole on my own / I don’t need an ounce of milk to make my bones grow / Happiness not found alone / But it’s in my bones to grow; “I’m the dairy queen and the dairy king;” and so many more. Judging by the lyric video of the song, the quality of her visual content has also improved from her previous efforts.

What else to say? I’m just as excited about Eat It Up as I was for RosalΓ­a’s MotoMaMi and as I currently am for Shygirl’s Nymph.

Drop that album, girl!

Cover image credits: Lucy Loone / Instagram


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