Emerging Talents’ Tracks Round-Up: My August 2022 Picks

Welcome to the August 2022 edition of Emerging Talents’ Tracks Round-Up, where each month I pick three songs from different artists and briefly review them!

All artists were selected and contacted on Musosoup. The bios were kindly provided by the artists themselves.

If you’re an artist and would like to know how to submit your track/EP/album/music video on Musosoup, check my referral link right here.

“2AM” – Georgie Hanson

Georgie Hanson’s “2AM” is a chill yet evocative track about sleepless and anxious nights.

“My head is full of doubt” is the opening line, and here the stream of thoughts begins, describing the sensation of being mentally stuck and unable to change her behavior. I think Georgie does a fantastic job at communicating what’s going on in her head: lines like “I’ve made the same mistakes / And I’ve made some more than twice,” and “People come and go / So I push them all behind” are brutally honest confessions that contrast with the very relaxing arrangement.

Musically speaking, I really like the electric guitar melody that I hear throughout the song: it walks us through the piece, adapting to each section and melting perfectly with the other instruments. The title of the track reminds me of Arctic Monkeys’ AM, which for the most part explores the same restless ideas that were most likely going through Georgie’s head while writing “2AM.”

Instagram: @georgiehansonmusic

“Therapy” – Arin

Who among you hasn’t considered therapy, at least once in their lives? London-based singer/songwriter and producer Arin surely has, and he’s telling us all about it in his brief but catchy new track, “Therapy.”

A very subtle electropop/R’n’B beat, this song literally explodes as we get to the chorus, when Arin screams, “If I could be all that you wanted me / Maybe I wouldn’t need to have therapy,” lines that we can all relate to. I like how the arrangement becomes more aggressive to match Arin’s emotion in that specific section, especially the guitar, bass and drums combo in the chorus giving out pop/rock vibes.

Arin’s low vocals are just as beautiful as his higher ones, whether in a falsetto or at full volume. I love how he also alternates between these in the same line, as it makes the song fun to listen to.

Instagram: @arinsongs

“She Don’t” – Celia Inside

NYC artist Celia Inside goes off in her new song, “She Don’t.” Alternating between harmonious vocals and more of an MC rapping style, her performance not only reminds me of Kehlani and Doja Cat but, in a way, also of FKA twigs: the latter is more so connected to the background vocals and how finely they are layered over one another.

I absolutely love the beats and the expressiveness of Celia’s voice: it’s both seductive and strong, masculine and feminine at the same time. Her cadence while rapping is very fun to listen to and it adds to the at-times-hopeful, at-times-hopeless message of the song.

The lyrics feature a very strong erotic element, as Celia is expressing her desire towards her partner, insisting that they leave their “past lives” that are “fading out and out” behind: while the verses feel a bit more “conversational,” the chorus is the most powerful section of the song as the artist seems to be begging somebody to give them a chance. (This section also contains her best vocals, in my opinion: that “How ‘bout now” repetition is so sexy and intimidating at the same time.)

Website: http://www.celiainsidemusic.com

Instagram: @celia.inside

Cover image courtesy of Georgie Hanson


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