The Insta Art World Reacts to #StandWithUkraine

By now, we’re all aware of the inhumane invasion of Ukraine that Vladimir Putin initiated last Thursday, February 24th, 2022.

Though there is not much I can practically do to help–except for recommending some resources which you can find at the end of this post–I wanted to briefly report on how the art community is reacting to this historical event on Instagram.

Please be aware that there are many more worthy artists, galleries, organizations and initiatives out there, and that this list is merely a suggestion to look for more yourself.

Here are some of the most notable posts I found:

Credits: @seth_globepainter / Instagram

Besides the French graffiti artist Seth, American painter Mark Ryden shared one of his paintings, “Rose,” as a representation of the Ukrainian conflict:

Credits: @markryden / Instagram

Maajaam, a farm for art and tech in Estonian countryside, launched a residency initiative specifically dedicated to Ukrainian artists:

Credits: / Instagram

… so did the Estonian Academy of Arts (or EKA):

Credits: @eka_estonian_academy_of_arts / Instagram

… and so did the Helsinki International Artist Programme (HIAP):

Credits: @hiap_suomenlinna / Instagram

The Rupert Residency offered accommodation for Ukrainians in Lithuania:

Credits: @rupert_residency / Instagram

Pop Surrealist Mab Graves also wrote a paragraph dedicated to the Ukrainian people, mentioning some family friends that are equally fighting against the attack:

Credits: @mabgraves / Instagram

Among other native Ukrainian artists that commented under Mab’s post, ceramics sculptor Sazha Gazova also has thoroughly documented Russia’s invasion on Ukrainian soil in her stories:

Credits: @pam_malina / Instagram

Iris Esther promised to donate all profits made from the following artwork:

Credits: @irisesthercom / Instagram

More artists have been creating illustrations in support of peace in Ukraine:

Instagram: @jenprocreates / Instagram
Credits: @renataliwska / Instagram
Credits: @livvy_zimmerman / Instagram
Credits: @yuloid / Instagram
Credits: @olaszpu / Instagram
Credits: @marybelmartin / Instagram
Credits: @sunsetoned / Instagram
Credits: @the.nelly.edwards / Instagram
Credits: @hello_kitska / Instagram
Credits: @osterjoy / Instagram

Finally, galleries have also been taking part in the conversation:

Credits: @dorothycircus / Instagram
Credits: @dorothycircus / Instagram

Here are some more (non-art-related) resources on how you can help (though there might be other local initiatives where you live):

ABC News – How to help Ukraine amid Russian attacks

Time – Here’s What You Can Do to Help People in Ukraine Right Now

Sky News – Ukraine invasion: How you can support people caught up in conflict and those trying to flee

Finally, for your own mental health, please take a break from social media (especially Twitter) and follow the tips given in this video:

Credits: Therapy in a Nutshell / YouTube

Though world peace sure is important, your mental wellbeing is more.

Take care, and see you next time.

Cover image credits: @mabgraves / Instagram






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