De Hallen Blog: OBA & Kinkerstraat

What a surprise, it’s only February and I’m already late on my publishing schedule. However, it’s not time to call it quits just yet, and I’m ready to redeem myself with at least two more posts this upcoming week, and two more the next.

Today, I’m writing from one of the OBA locations here in Amsterdam. For those who don’t know, OBA, or Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam, is the biggest public library in the city, and it’s divided into different venues located all around the city.

Specifically, I’m writing from the OBA located in De Hallen, a small commercial gallery full of little stores, a movie theater (FilmHallen), and a food court (FoodHallen).

Today is a beautiful sunny day–just like yesterday, as I wrote in a tweet:

Given the rarely warm weather, I decided to take a walk around the area–and more specifically Kinkerstraat, a super long street where you can find literally all the food you desire: from Turkish bakeries to couscous bars, from vegan sushi to Korean bibimbap.

There’s also a very nice open-air market right behind De Hallen, called Ten Katemarkt, where people go for their groceries as well as to eat even more delicious, international food like dim sum, fried fish, and more.

At the end of the street where the market is located, intuitively called Ten Katerstraat, you can enjoy dan bing at Jen’s Bing. Dan bing is a traditional Taiwanese breakfast food, usually sold by street vendors every morning.

The fillings you can choose from are BBQ pork, crispy chicken, kimchi cheese, garden veggie (tomato, avocado, sesame sauce), and okonomiyaki (cabbage, mayo, fish flakes):

When I ate there, a few weeks ago, I had kimchi cheese because had not eaten kimchi in a while, and it was really really good! Plus, they have bubble tea 😉

This week, work has been rather stressful as my company has just released their annual Traffic Index, a report on traffic in 2021, and how it changed compared to 2020 and (since 2020 was not a “normal” year in the traditional sense) 2019.

So everyone had a lot of work to do, especially the PR managers from our target regions, including my manager. I didn’t have more tasks than usual in the weeks building up to the day the Traffic Index went live at midnight, but I surely did the day before, when we had to coordinate for the publication of the press release accompanying the report.

Though it was extremely stressful, to say the least, I did feel like I was part of the Team, which is unfortunately always physically divided due to our managers being based in different locations.

For the next weeks, these are the posts I have in mind, so you keep me accountable:

  • My favorites of January;
  • The madness you routinely encounter on the bike lanes in Amsterdam;
  • Budget for a weekend trip to Antwerp, Belgium;
  • I have to think about this last one haha

In the meantime, hope you have a great Sunday!

Featured image credits: Amsterdamming






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